Main Point: Heaven is a real and unimaginably spectacular place that is being prepared for us as we are being prepared for it. 
Takeaway: We don’t know what heaven is like now, but we can know now if we will spend eternity there.


Discussion Questions

  1. What places on earth have you been that you would describe as “paradise”? What made them so incredible? 
  2. When you imagine what heaven will be like, what aspect appeals to you the most? 
  3. What age do you think we will be in heaven? Will it be the same age for everyone? 
  4. When we get to heaven we will know each other as God knows us…completely, intimately, thoroughly, inside and out, with nothing hidden. How does being known to that degree make you feel? 

Table Discussion Question: It’s fun to speculate about what heaven will be like, but what is most important is knowing that we will spend eternity there. Do you know that? How would you explain the hope that you have to someone who doesn’t know where their eternal life will be spent? 


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