Main Point: Hell is not a necessary destination, but it is a necessary reality
Takeaway: Hell is not God’s preferred destination for anyone; heaven is
Discussion Questions

1. What objections have you had about the reality of hell, if any? How are you wrestling through those objections?

2. It is said that God’s justice and love require that there be a hell. Why is that true?

3. We tend to make jokes about things that make us nervous or which are hard to talk about. Do you think that our culture’s joking and dismissive way of talking about hell might be a result of underlying nervousness about it?

4. Who do you know that causes you to be thankful for God’s patience (2 Peter 3:9)? What is your next step on their behalf? Is it to pray for their salvation? To write them? To go and talk to them?

5. If hell is the absence of God’s presence and influence, that means that the fruit of the Spirit will not be characteristic of hell (Galatians 5:22-23). Imagine what a world without those Spirit-engendered qualities.

Table Discussion Question — Hell is a real place, but those who trust in Jesus will not be there; he has saved us from this. What do think about someone who saves you from something that would have been horrible to experience?


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